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How To Do Work You Love And Earn A Good Living

25th Apr 2018

We live in interesting times. It’s now possible to make a full-time living from working from home, doing work that you love from your laptop. What’s more, you can earn far more than if you work at a regular job because there is no fixed salary. Your home business could be about offering a service, like a babysitting agency that helps connects parents with recommended babysitters. It could also be about selling products on an eCommerce website.

While most home businesses consist of a solopreneur working from a home office, some grow to become regular small businesses that lease commercial office space and hire employees. Besides expanding your home into a regular small business, it’s also possible to take your home business to the next step, doing business internationally.

woman-hand-desk-officeLet’s suppose you’re a graphics designer by trade, your business model could start with creating great graphics for small businesses. You would help their websites look much more professional. After a certain point, you may have more work available than you can do, so you hire other graphic designers to work for you. If you later decide to expand your local business to work internationally, recruiting graphic designers from the US, Japan, and other big international markets to work remotely, you could create an agency website and pay your designers abroad through a service like Ria Money Transfer UK.

Now that you appreciate the power of creating a home-based business which has the potential to grow into a local small business or even an international business, you may be wondering how to launch a home-based business.

Start by finding a business idea and then learn how to set up a home-based business.

How to Find A Business Idea

It’s fine to set your expectations high—because this blue-sky thinking will allow you to match up your knowledge, talents, and skills with a market need what you have to offer.

While people do succeed by buying a business opportunity course, the success rate is usually low. This is because there may not be a good match between the opportunity and abilities. When you just work for money, you probably won’t have enough passion to acquire the level of skills to do well.

Once you’ve decided what you’re interested in, then study it with enthusiasm. Read books about it. Attend workshops. Take online courses. Let’s suppose, you’ve always had a keen interest in writing and you think that you could sell writing services to clients. Your best option is to learn how other people have done it. How did they set up their website, market their business, and create high-demand writing skills?

Once you’ve identified your skills and found a market for it, then the next step is to specialize. Using our example of writing skills, you could specialize in writing Kindle books on something you know particularly well. For instance, if you’re a mother, you could write about how to raise happy, healthy, brilliant children. Besides your own experience, read research papers on parenting so that you can offer evidence-based advice on the best child-raising ideas. Your audience would be mothers eager to become excellent parents.

How to Setup A Home-Based Business 

After you’ve done your research, you’ll need to make a business plan and work out how to finance your startup business costs. Then, choose a legal business structure, decide on a name, and register your business. Finally, get all required licenses and permits.

In the beginning, you will probably have to do all your own accounting, marketing, and sales, but as your business grows, you can outsource this time-intensive work.

An Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight

If setting up a home-based business is this straightforward and rewarding, why aren’t more people doing it? It’s because they have not learned how to overcome their fears and cope with social discouragement. Most people prefer a well-laid out path—go to school, get good grades, and get a well-paying job, where someone else can worry about how to organize the business. But when you look around, this plan doesn’t seem to be working out very well for most people. Only a few like their jobs and find them emotionally satisfying and financially rewarding. Rather than following this broken employment model, you will be better off launching your own business from home.

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