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Three of the best car seats 

8th Nov 2014

A car seat is one of those essentials if you have a baby or toddler (or young child for that matter) but choosing one can sometimes feel like a bit of a lottery. You can spend hours walking around the retailer, hoping that someone knowledgeable will come and see you and simply point out the very best car seat for your child. Well, we have the next best thing, as we have provided a review of the best three car seats currently available on the market.

The Maxi Cosi 2way Pearl is a truly groundbreaking piece of equipment, in that it is the first car seat to comply with new iSize regulations. Apart from that, it also has many features that make it a fantastic car seat to have in your life.

One of the best things about the car seat is the fact that it allows children to remain rear-facing up until 4 years of age. This is fantastic in that it allows parents to have that choice. We feel it is the key selling point of this particular model. While it may be a little large for some people’s tastes, it is generally known as being one of the easiest car seats in the world to install in your vehicle. Smart and extremely comfortable for your child, it is a real winner in the car seats stakes.

The Joie Stages car seat is a very popular model, and this is mainly down to the fact that the car seat is so well upholstered. Your little one can look forward to a very relaxing time inside this seat, which will envelop them in a warm and cosy environment, allowing them to rest easy.

The only tiny niggle for some people with this car seat is the fact that the instructions are not incredibly helpful. But when you have the car seat up and running, you will find that it is one of the most comfy units available.

The Cybex Sirona is another car seat that has garnered some excellent levels of praise. Again, there are many reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest one is the innovative swivel feature that the car seat enjoys. This means that you can swivel the car seat around, making it easy for you to place your child in the seat.

Anyone who has never used a swivel function before will realise just how useful this can be. On top of all of that, the car seat is also incredibly easy to fit. We also liked the comfort aspect. It looks cozy enough to dive into, and you will envy your child for having such a warm and snuggly space to relax in.

So there are three of the best car seats we have found. Obviously, shop around to get the best deals on these. Rest assured, they are very popular, and it may be worth snapping one up quickly if you need one.

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