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The Tablet Of Peace

22nd Jun 2018

Heaven knows I need a break sometimes.

It is not the constant questions which I need to answer, with the voice of a loving parent. It is not even the constant repeats of Peppa Pig which I have to sit through and pretend that it’s the first time we have both seen them. To be honest, it is not even the mess which one child should not be capable of creating within such a short space of time.

family-1784371_640It is the lack of ‘me time‘.

Any parent will be able to tell you about this depart from your life. There were days when you could sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the rest. There were the times when you had nothing to do, so decided to run the hoover around the house. Then there were the best of times, that holy grail of a time, the time you could go to the bathroom and not be disturbed.

This is what I was never warned about as a soon-to-be parent.

They told me all about the smells, the messes and the insane questions which will always be asked at the worst possible moments. But every single person decided not to warn me about the lack of privacy and the complete lack of ‘me time’.

If someone would just have warned me then I might have been being able to prepare for it, instead I came up with an on-the-go a very much ad-hoc solution. I thrust the tablet into their hands.

Suddenly, when a screen full of bright lights and colourful flashed is thrust in front of a child’s eye, they seem to forget all about their really important list of questions. They forget that they are currently sitting in the middle of the hallway and they just seem to zone out.

The Zen moment comes and it is a shared experience. You can have your me time, as soon as they have focused all of their attention onto the tablet of peace and quiet

I’ve started to do this with my delightful one. He had just hit the really awkward questioning stage, so Peppa Pig is the solution for all of life’s problems. He’s so absorbed in it, that he doesn’t even notice me pulling out my tablet and hitting up the for my me time.

I play for just around fifteen minutes. It’s almost nothing out of my day and yet it is one of the highlights of my day. It is the time when I can have an adult conversation and be surrounded by adults. It is the massive moment of hope and anticipation that something completely unexpectedly good will arrive.

I really enjoy being a parent and the joy I can bring to this little life, but I also enjoy the snatched moment of my time and being able to have the peace and quiet again. Even if I know that it will never last.

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