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The Emoji movie- review

28th Feb 2017

How exciting can a movie about Emoji’s be? You will have to wait until the 4th of August to actually find out. However the storyline of the movie promises some interesting moments. The movie is based on an Emoji that has no fixed expression. Sony, the makers of the movie have released the trailer in vertical format. There is no clear indication whether the movie will be a hit or not. While we hold our breath we will learn to play real money online casino games at sites such as If the movie is totally horrible ta least we will have something to do while waiting for the agony to end.

As previously mentioned the movie is about an Emoji with multiple expressions. This presents an obvious problem as all the other Emoji’s have only one expression. The Emoji, Gene, sets out to find the Code that will fix this problem. An epic journey begins in which the star of the story teams up with Hi5 emoji and Jailbreak emoji. Hi5 is Gene’s “Handy” best friend while Jailbreak is a code breaker.

The setting

The movie takes place in the inter-App world that exists inside mobile phones. In this particular movie, a teenager’s phone. The home of the Emoji’s is Textopolis. A place in the heart of the messaging applications. Emoji’s here patiently wait to be used by the user. Since Gene does not have a single expression being chosen is an impossibility. This apparent lack of functionality causes the journey through the phone. A trip to self-discovery soon begins.

The Cast

Actors lending their voices to this production include T.J Miller who is Gene. Ilana Glazer from Broad City is the voice of Jailbreak. The voice of Hi5 is given by James Corden. There are also several other actors who gave their voices to this production.

What looks good in The Emoji movie

The poop Emoji. That definitely spices things up. Sony signing several marketing deals with major Apps including Spotify and Candy Crush can have either positive or negative effect on the movie.

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