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The Busy Parent’s Guide To A Relaxing Bedroom

1st Mar 2016

If your home is anything like ours, there’s a good chance that your bedroom isn’t quite the peaceful haven it should be. When you’re a busy parent, it’s often the only place you have to use as a dumping ground – and there is little time to put it right.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. A surprise visitor pops round, and you frantically stuff everything on your bed – and it’s still there a couple of weeks later. Sure, the rest of your house might look just about acceptable. But, the bedroom is going to take an awful lot of work to fix.

Now, I think this is a big problem. Your bedroom is supposed to be a haven for you to relax in – which is an important part of being a parent. With so much work to do, you have to look after yourself, too. And, if you can’t relax in bed – even for five minutes – tiredness is going to build up at an even faster rate than it does.
So, the big question is – what are you going to do? Here are some ideas for you to turn your messy bedroom into a peaceful and tranquil space for relaxation.


Focus on storage

First up, get as much storage as you can. Take a look at one of my previous posts to find out some of your options. The idea is to create an environment that keeps your bedroom as clutter-free as possible. If you give everything a home, it will be much easier to clear away, and it will take minutes, rather than hours. Don’t forget about storage options for the other areas of your home, either. You have to stop using your bedroom as a dumping ground if you want to reclaim it back!

Invest in a new bed

I spent years sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, and I can honestly say when I got a new one, my life improved by some distance! If you are having trouble sleeping – invest some money in a new frame, and, most importantly, a new mattress. Check out these luxury double mattresses by John Ryan by Design to give yourself an idea of prices. It’s so important to get an opportunity to recharge your batteries when you have so much on your plate. So, I say treat yourself – you won’t look back!

Go for carpet

There are two things a nice lush pile will give you. The first is a beautiful, comfortable surface to walk on, of course. But the second is far more important – soundproofing. A good carpet with a thick underlay will shut out a lot of noise from outside and in. It gives you a better night’s sleep, or a deeper nap (when you can catch one) during the day.

Fix up your lighting

My final piece of advice is to sort out your lighting. It can make an incredible difference to your ability to relax. Dimmer switches can help in a big way, but also think about positioning plenty of lamps at different levels. And, if you are feeling a little extravagant, try some coloured light bulbs to give you a more mellow – or romantic – atmosphere.

So, have I convinced you to fix your bedroom problems? Let me know your thoughts – and feel free to leave some more tips!

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