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How To Spot The Early Warning Signs Of Tooth Loss

18th Dec 2017

When we were kids, losing our teeth meant something completely different compared to when we are adults. If anything, adult’s dreams of teeth falling out are often considered horrifying nightmares with negative associations. When it happens in real life however, it’s a whole different story. This is why we want to give you the heads up of some the common causes of tooth loss so you can know the early warning signs and understand how to avoid the situation from worsening.

smile-mouth-teeth-laugh-65665With steady and consistent progress in the dental industry, many dentists now offer procedures that can beautify anyone’s smile. For example, all on 4 Brisbane treatments are a brand-new implant system that ensures a healthy bite and smile.


Tooth loss cannot only cause an individual discomfort and issues with bite but it can also cause confidence issues depending on where the tooth was lost. Believe it or not, tooth loss can enhance risks of contracting a chronic illness.


One of the main reasons teeth fall out is down to periodontal disease or as it’s more commonly known as, gum disease. According to research, it’s the main reason people aged 35 and over may experience teeth loss. Another issue may be due to the bones in the gum wearing away through osteoporosis or injury.

The reasons don’t end there however. There’s an array of causes which impact on dental health from lifestyle choices to physical injury. However, as dental care continues to increase in quality and efficacy, there seems to be less teeth fatalities. Nonetheless, teeth are still unpredictable and there may be several other causes they fall out and may require all on 4 treatment.

      • Bad dental health – One of the easiest mistakes people make is forgetting to floss or not flossing correctly. Also, how people brush may not be as thorough as it could be thus contributing to poor oral hygiene. Good flossing technique really helps strengthen the gums and prevent teeth from falling out.
      • Cavities – Having cavities and not getting them seen to can be another cause of teeth falling. Plaque build-up can weaken the enamel and cause it to break away. This causes the tooth to loosen and fall out.
      • Gum disease – As we mentioned earlier, gum disease is a big trigger to teeth loss. Some signs you can spot from early on are things such as soreness, red gums, infections, the gums receding and gaps between the teeth and gums.
      • Drugs – Substances that trigger reactions such as vomiting or teeth grinding can be harmful to dental health over time.
      • Diabetes – If someone has diabetes and it isn’t managed properly, this could increase glucose in the saliva which contributes to plaque buildup.


  • Accidents do happen – It’s not rare that teeth can come out during sports or due to eating hard foods such as nuts. It doesn’t have to happen instantly but can be a wearing away of enamel which ultimately causes them to fall out.

Being aware of the causes of teeth falling out can help you to prevent them from reaching the stage at which they are weak enough to do so. Keeping oral hygiene in check is crucial to keeping teeth healthy and hopefully never getting to this stage.

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