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Six Things You Need To Know Immediately To Take Care Of Baby

24th Mar 2016

Being a new parent is a wonderful feeling. It’s also an intensely panic-ridden time. They say there’s no handbook to raising a baby. Of course, there are literally thousands of them on sale, but there’s so much conflicting information, what are you to do? Well, stop panicking. We’re taking a look at what you immediately need to know about a new baby. Just follow this six steps and you’ve got the keys down.


Holding a baby

It comes naturally to most people, but there’s a lot of concern for the right way to hold a newborn baby. An important thing is to be calm and confident. Relax before holding the baby, or else it may prove too nerve-wracking. The main thing that you need to do is support the head with one hand the bottom with the other. To keep a baby calm in your arms, laying its head to your chest can soothe it with your heartbeat.

Their environment

You’re going to have to get used to changing your home a lot to provide the best possible environment for a growing child. When you first get them, cleanliness is the most important thing. Keep them in rooms that are completely spotless and provide hand lotion for anyone that wants to hold or touch the baby.



Another element that some people have some worries about doing, nursing’s quite simple when you get down to it. Just make sure you use a bottle with a slow flow that requires some effort. This is what a baby will respond to as it simulates breastfeeding. After nursing, use soft muslin to drape over your shoulder for burping. This will result in a lot less messed tops, but not prevent them entirely!

If at first you don’t succeed

One of the major source of headaches and concern for a parent is a child that won’t settle. The truth is that there aren’t any foolproof solutions. Sometimes they need feeding. Sometimes they need to sleep. Sometimes they need changing. Sometimes they just need to be distracted or soothed. There are a lot of different ways to soothe a crying baby, so it’s just about finding whichever one is novel enough to catch their attention.


The nappies

Of course, if they need to be changed, then you need to hop to it. There aren’t a lot of rules to follow besides using a station, keeping them on their back and wiping back to front. However, you may want to pay proper consideration to the kind of nappies you’re getting them. There are a few different types to recommend based on your deciding factors, so do your research.

Getting around

After you’ve had a baby, you will find that the world’s still moving and it feels like no time at all before you have to start going about and doing your thing. You can bring your baby on your trips, too. Even long road trips are okay, so long as you have sufficient planning to match their nap times and the like.

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