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Simple Hacks To Make Your Bed Your Favourite Thing In The House!

29th Sep 2016

Despite the fact our bed is the thing we spend most of our time in while we are at home, it’s easy to forget it when we enhance our home. We tend to paint the walls, and add some great curtains, but not do anything to the bed. However, you need to make the bed a cozy haven where you can get plenty of sleep. You also want it to look great as it is the main feature in the bedroom. Therefore, here are some simple hacks to make your bed your favourite thing in the house!bedroom-1078890_640


Double up your pillows

You may be surprised that a lot of people only have two pillows on their bed. However, to make it look and feel fantastic, you need to double up your pillows. Not only will it help you sleep better with your neck at the right angle, but it is also great for comfort reasons. After all, there is nothing better than cuddling up with a couple of cozy cushions. Additionally, as this article says, adding lots of pillows brings texture, colour, and class to the bedroom. Therefore, add several pillows to make your bed even more perfect when it’s time to head to the land of nod!


Don’t scrimp on your bed linen

It’s so easy to head to a discount store when you need to buy your bed linen. After all, it’s an excellent way to get stocked up when you are struggling for cash. However, cheap bedding will mean you have a bad night’s sleep. It can irritate your skin and will see you tossing and turning in the night. Therefore, you need to spend a decent amount on some great hotel quality bed linen. That way, your bed will look appealing in the room, and will ensure you get a good night’s rest. You can check the quality of bed linen by checking the thread quality. High thread-count cotton bed linen will ensure you stay cool and will keep you cozy in the night.


Swap the duvet each season

A lot of us stick with the same duvet for several years. However, to ensure your bed is top-class, you need to make sure you are swapping it every season. Otherwise, if you have a low tog duvet during winter, you will end up freezing in bed when you are trying to sleep. A 10.5 tog is ideal for spring and summer months when it’s warmer weather. But once winter begins, you need to go for 13.5 to ensure your duvet keeps you cozy.


Add a lovely throw to your bed

An excellent way to make your bed more appealing and cozy is by adding a throw to the bed. It can give the room some glam and can add a new colour to the room. There are so many different throws around which will look fantastic on your bed. Silk or fur throws are top choices as they will keep you cozy and add some character to the room.

Remember to make your bed every day so that it makes a great feature in your room. If you come back to the room at night and find the bed hasn’t been made all day, it can dampen your mood straight away. Therefore, ensure it looks presentable and you will love your bed!



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