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School Holidays With No Hassle for 2016

2nd Mar 2016


Nearly everyone is finding times tight at the moment. Money is harder than ever to come by, and the price of living continues to rise. Making ends meet can be a tricky task even at the very best of times. All too often it can be a precarious balancing act, trying to stay afloat while being dragged down by the everyday bills. And you continually have to watch out for those big unexpected expenses that always tend to happen when least expect them. There’s never a good time to have to shell out to replace a broken appliance or an emergency job on the car. Sod’s law dictates that it will always happen nowhere near payday, or at another really inconvenient time.

When you’ve got children, you have to learn how to make your money go further. One of the most expensive times of year is the school holidays. The summer breaks are the worst. Six long weeks of trying to arrange childcare, shoehorn in some time off from work competing with all the other parents to get the weeks you want.  Getting grumbled at by childless colleagues who resent that they can’t take any time off in July. They feel shortchanged because they’re too busy covering all those who’ve reproduced. They should think themselves lucky they can take holiday almost anytime they like. That means they also get it cheaper – not having to pay the premium that travel operators use to shamelessly bump up their prices. School vacations do not come cheap!

If you want to get away, but are on a shoestring why not think about holidaying on home soil? Taking a break in the UK can be easier on your bank balance than you might have ever imagined. Spend your summer by the sea in Blackpool for a budget-friendly holiday. You can’t beat a bit of traditional seaside fun! The prices in the north tend to be much lower than their southern counterparts. The Lancashire resort has been popular with visitors from all over the world for over a century. The piers are marvellous examples of ornate craftsmanship from Victorian times. And who can resist a trip up the famous tower? Blackpool tourism has benefitted from a boost in the last few years. If you haven’t been for years, you might just be surprised. The town has had an extensive makeover and boasts some stunning modern art along the prom and in the shopping precincts. There’s so much to do! Whether you just fancy sitting on the golden sands or going wild at the Pleasure beach, your kids certainly won’t be bored in Blackpool!


If the cost and stress of traveling with a family still don’t appeal, then why not have a “stay-cation” on your very own doorstep. Chances are you haven’t visited all that there is to offer within just a few miles from your home. Museums often have child-friendly exhibitions, events and workshops during the holidays. Not only do you get the chance to get out and about but you may even them learn something new! Local places of interest can be surprisingly fun. Read up on places before you go and tell the children some stories to get them interested. IF you can make it fun, then they’re more likely to get more out of your visit. Try visiting different parks just for a change of scenery. Keeping kids busy in the holidays is vital to making sure they’re stimulated and not nagging you because they are fed up. The refrain of “Mum, I’m bored, “ is not what anyone wants to hear during the long summer holidays.

When you’re out and about, you can end up spending a veritable fortune and seemingly have nothing to show for it. Drinks, crisps and snacks all come at a premium when you’re buying them from cafes, garages and concessions at resorts. Be smart and take your own. Of course, there are quite a few places that don’t allow you to take in your own food. Some parents have been known to get quite creative and try and sneak their own snacks in. Now, not to suggest you should be breaking rules to save a few quid, but there are handy hacks that can cut costs. If you’re out for a meal, then you can generally get free tap water with your food. Those pocket-sized bottles of super concentrate squash can jazz up your kids drinks in a flash and save you cash.

There are so many ways you can cut costs in the holidays. Make your own snacks in advance can save you a heap of cash too. You don’t have to spend a fortune when you’re making memories!

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