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Professional and Reputable Babysitting Agency

30th Nov 2016

Children are a wonderful addition to the family, and bring joy and fascination to all. They do, however, take some looking after, and if you need to find a babysitter, you need to be sure they are to be trusted. The best way to be sure of a reputable, qualified and experienced sitter is to use a professional agency. This guarantees a skilled sitter with the right credentials, and in the UK the leading such agency can be found at

Sitters has been in the business of providing quality, trusted babysitting services since 1967, so experience is no problem. You are assured that each sitter is appraised on a regular basis and has been fully checked – including references – and that each has plenty of professional experience in childcare. They operate throughout the UK, and it is simple and straightforward to book your sitter online. With many satisfied clients, Sitters is the trusted name in babysitting services in the country.


How to Book a Sitter

Sitters covers the whole of the UK, so wherever you are you can use their services without a problem. They have a simple system for finding a sitter: you begin by setting up a free account – you pay nothing until you actually engage the services of a sitter. After entering your postcode you are then given access to information about registered sitters in your local area. You can read about them and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Next, you simply input the date, time and address you require a sitter, and you are booked.

For added peace of mind your sitter will call you to confirm in advance of the appointment, and you pay at the end. You can also ask Sitters to offer your bookings to a select choice of local sitters, so you know who will be looking after your children every time you use the service. Once you begin using the service you will be charged a small quarterly membership fee, and a booking fee also applies.

The Best Babysitting Agency

Using a babysitting agency such as Sitters is much safer than answering adverts, as you get the added assurance of experience and trust. They can supply you with babysitters for day and night, and also if you are staying in a hotel, and the rates are very competitive. The website also includes many comments from customers, so you can check out what others are saying about the service before you sign up. At the time of writing, the agency is rated 4.9/5 by existing customers, which is a difficult rating to beat!

Finding a reputable and experienced childminding service such as Sitters will be a welcome relief for parents across the UK. You can rely on them to provide quality service every time, and we believe once you have used them you will never look back. Have a look at the website now for more information on their services, and register an account for free so you can access quality childcare whenever you need it.

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