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Parenting with Migraines: Top Tips

23rd Jan 2017

Parents who suffer from migraines may feel helpless when they are trying to care for their children but are experiencing a debilitating migraine attack. Sometimes, having children can make migraine triggers more frequent, due to a number of factors. While having the right medication on hand can be a life saver, there are a few more things you can do to help prevent them. We’re going to look at a few ways you can prevent migraines or lessen their severity when you have kids.

Plan Ahead

One of the most frequent triggers for migraines is a missed meal. You should pack yourself a snack or even a full meal when you know you are going to be travelling. That way, you can ensure you eat when you are supposed to and avoid the migraine altogether. The same way you would pack a snack or meal for your kids when you are out, you should provide the same thought and care for your own wellbeing.

Find Quite Activities with Your Kids

You will likely want to spend time with your kids every day, despite how loud they can be and how those loud noises can trigger migraines. You still can, but you may need to choose activities that are quiet or that are less likely to get them to act up. Reading a book, building with blocks, making a craft or watching a show can all be quiet activities you can do together.

Know Your Triggers and Avoid Them

The key thing to remember about migraines is that they almost always have a discernible trigger. You should know what those triggers are and make every effort to avoid them. For instance, if you know that yelling at your kids will cause a migraine, you should try to resolve matters in a peaceable manner before they get out of hand. That doesn’t mean you have to give into their wishes every time, but you should look for quiet and calm solutions to problems instead of relying on tactics that can trigger a migraine.

You may also want to practice obedience training with your children. If they tend to act up outside the home, then spend some time each day getting them to practice at home the kinds of activities they would do when you are out. Teach them to respond to you quickly and quietly, and you will solve a lot of issues before they even start.

Let Your Kids know You Have Migraines

Your kids may not realise that they can cause you severe pain unless you talk to them about it. Don’t make them feel like it is their fault that you have the condition, but let them know what it is like for you in terms they can understand and give them some pointers on what they can do to help you avoid the migraines. Your kids are likely to be sympathetic and understand that they have an important job to keep you from experiencing pain. So long as they remember, they will try their best to ensure they don’t trigger a migraine.

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