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My toddler has dropped my iPhone down the toilet – Help!

27th Sep 2016

This is a common data recovery request, especially as we are all storing so much information on our phones. From music to photographs, emails to business documents – our phones are just as important as our desktop computers. After smashed screens, water damage is the next most serious data recovery issue!


Don’t despair just yet, help is at hand. Most iPhones can be rescued if you just follow these simple steps. Before doing anything though, if your phone is already powered down, don’t even think about turning it on, syncing or backing up. Water and circuitry don’t mix well and any electrical charge will simply lead to short circuits and inevitable damage. If your phone was already powered or in sleep mode, you have a dilemma. We suggest going through a full power down. This is preferable to your phone waking up halfway through the drying process.

Once powered down, take the phone out of its case, before removing the SIM and battery. Then go to your local store and buy some nappies. They are full of silica crystals, which are the best option for absorbing water. Break open the nappy and fully immerse your phone in the crystals. Leave it in a warm, dry location for at least 48 hours. If you have time, keep repeating until you can stand it no longer and just have to find out if your phone is working.

Beware though. Your phone may well only work for a short time thereafter, so when you power it back on, start by backing up your most important data first. If your phone doesn’t power on, try the procedure again. If after the second attempt you are still having no joy, you are going to have to seek at data recovery expert.


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