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Make Your Home the Best Looking Property on Your Street

23rd Mar 2016

If you own your home, you’re sure to be very proud of it. Even if you’ll be paying your mortgage for years to come, it’s still a space you can make your own. A lot of homeowners want to make their home the best it can be. It should look beautiful both inside and out. You don’t want your property to stick out like a sore thumb. But there’s no harm in it being the best looking one on the street. The exterior of your property should be exquisite, both for the enjoyment of your and your neighbours, and in case you ever want to sell. It could increase the value of your property if you keep it in excellent condition. Consider some of these changes to make your house looking incredible.


Replace the Front Door

A lot of homes don’t have fantastic doors. Yours might be a cheap PVC one that you hate every time you look at it. If it’s not the door for you, stop procrastinating and get it replaced. There are so many choices for your new front door. It could be made of wood, have stained glass, or have a unique knocker on it. Find one you love at Lakes Doors and it could transform your home. It should take hardly any time at all to hang a new door, so it won’t disrupt your life for days or weeks. When you choose your door, try to pick something sympathetic to your home’s fa├žade. Don’t worry too much about annoying the neighbours. However, be careful not to choose something that stands out for the wrong reasons.

Update Your Garage

Your front door isn’t the only one that could benefit from being replaced. If your garage door is looking tired, a new one will make a significant difference to your home. In fact, it’s bigger than your front door, so should make an even larger impact. There are different types of styles of door you can consider to make your home better. You can match up the door to the exterior of your garage so it doesn’t look out of place. Of course, the door isn’t the only important part of your garage. Pay attention to the roof and exterior walls too so they look just as good.


Get New Windows

Apart from the doors, another prominent feature of your property is the windows. Not only do they make a difference to the appearance, but they affect the inside of your home too. New windows could make your home better insulated, reducing your energy bills and your risk of damp. Replacing the windows will quickly modernise your home too, giving it an update if it’s looking tired. You have lots of options if you want to get some new windows. Think about how you want them to look from both inside and outside. Maybe you want them to have a single pane of glass or to have wooden frames. Explore all your options to find what you love.

Landscape Your Front Garden

You might do some work in your back garden if you have one. But how long do you spend on making your front garden or path look good? If you’re not much of a gardener, you don’t have to have plants that require a lot of care. Your outside space could focus on paving and gravel to make it look clean and modern. Or a few potted plants could be easily maintained without too much trouble. Taking the time to design something beautiful could really make your home stand out from others in the street.

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