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Just 4 Factors Explain Why We Live Longer

24th Nov 2016

Back in 1903, Thomas Edison predicted that the doctor of the future would give no medicine. Rather he would just instruct his patients on how to care for their bodies using diet. Edison believed all those years ago that our lifestyle factors were key to understanding our health.

Recently the American College of Lifestyle Medicine reported that most of the causes of disease and death were lifestyle. In fact, there were just four factors which they identified that could explain why we get sick and die young. Just by cutting out these factors we could reduce the risk of developing chronic disease by 78 percent.

While we’re often told that genetics determine our fate, this evidence suggests otherwise. It says that we really do have control over whether we get sick from chronic diseases. Something like 90 percent of type 2 diabetes is avoidable if we change just four lifestyle habits. Over 80 percent of heart attacks are preventable too. In fact, we can dramatically reduce our risk of getting any of the major killers. We just have to observe four simple rules. So what are they?

Not Smoking


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