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Great Tools to Make DIY Easier

2nd Nov 2017

Being able to carry out jobs around the home and garden, especially those that involve a knowledge of basic DIY, is a great way of saving money, and also of getting things done how you want them to be done. There can be problems, however, if you don’t have the right tools for the job, so here is our list of tools that will make your DIY not only easier, but more enjoyable and with the best possible results.


Nail gun – this is not one that may spring to mind immediately as you may believe they are large and cumbersome devices that need a compressor to work. Think again, for the modern portable nail gun is an essential tool for home DIY! No more knocking in nails, which takes ages and is never satisfactory, but a quick click of the gun and you have a solid and secure join. They are not expensive either, and are very easy to use.

Electric drill – you probably have one, but how good is it? Check the models available on the market now for more functions, greater power and better reliability and results, yet at sensible prices. If you have had your drill for some time, it may be that now is the time to buy a new one and move onto the next generation.

Paint sprayer – this is another one that may not come to mind, but isn’t it a pain to use a brush, roller and all those messy trays for your painting work? If you have plenty of painting to do,the Graco X5 is one of the best paint sprayers, these great machines really do make life a lot easier, and you can use them on all your indoor and outdoor paintwork for years to come, with no mess, little wastage, and easy cleaning!

Cement Mixer – are we serious? Yes, we are! You can buy a cement mixer for the home for just a few hundred pounds, and it will help you perfect jobs such as building walls and laying patios much more easily, with no need to perform the arduous task of mixing cement in a bucket every time!

Spirit level – never try and do any job that involves flat and level surfaces without a level to hand; this is essential, cheap and effective, and can mean the difference between a successful shed, greenhouse or summerhouse – for example – and one that will never be quite right.

The above are just a few of the many ideas we have for excellent tools that will make your DIY exploits much easier, and we recommend you check out the latest ranges of power tools as you will find many more, including a vast range of electric saws and other tools that cut down on the effort involved in completing your many jobs around the home. Remember to read the instructions and always follow them to the full, and always wear the right safety gear, and you will enjoy your DIY even more.

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