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Finding the Perfect Dress and At a Bargain Price

30th Mar 2017

There are very few things in the world which can make quite the same instant impression on a crowded room. You know from the very first moment you walk in and the heads turn, that you have created that moment you wanted. All the eyes in the room are on you and you know it.

It’s all about the dress and it is worth every single second you spent picking out the right one. You’ve chosen it because it not only compliments your figure; but seriously suits your bank balance too. It makes you feel stunning and gives your confidence a real boost.

business-lady-1928085_640 (1)Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I walked into my friend’s birthday party. I know it was her birthday and that all the attention should have been on her, but I had this perfect dress. I’d picked it up from lovethesales and had saved 60%. I loved everything about it, but especially the price.

That’s half the battle of finding the right dress. You know you don’t want to spend an absolute fortune on a dress you will only wear to special occasions, but you also know you want to look like a million pounds. That’s why we all love a good sale and I was so happy with what I found in the dress sale.

It was a Vivienne Westwood dress too. A great all-black number which would be perfect for almost any party. Sleeveless and sleek, it was always going to grab the attention and I knew it. Envy is not always a nice character trait, but when it’s aimed at your dress, it’s a lovely feeling to know. I could see it in almost everyone’s eyes and especially in my friends’, the one who’s birthday it was.

She came straight over to me and without even saying hello or seeing how I was, her first comment was about my dress. That’s how you know you have pulled off the perfect dress, it was all she wanted to talk about and to be honest, that was alright with me. I loved the dress and it will be placed right at the top of my list. Who would even have thought that I could have picked up such a beautiful dress at such a bargain price.

You know that there is only one thing which can top the perfect dress. It is one little addition, one little piece of sartorial elegance which just works perfectly to compliment your dress. It works with it to keep the attention on you. That perfect little handbag and the best bit of it was that I used lovethesales to find the best discounts.

A quick search on black handbags and I picked out a really nice RALPH LAUREN number. The two of them together make a great partnership of class. The blacks compliment each other and the styles just sit so well together.

There is never a better feeling than knowing you have chosen the right dress and are the centre of attention.

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