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Fantastic and famous engagement rings of celebrities

29th Nov 2015

Engagement rings of celebrities set trends and give fans of the famous much to admire and covet. From multi-faceted heavyweight diamonds to combinations of different gem stones which spark must-have fashions for the newly engaged, the rich and famous set paparazzi cameras flashing and mall store ring designers into a frenzy of creation when A-listers step out onto the red carpet complete with their new piece displayed proudly for all to see.

Golden Age of Hollywood

The first person to set the benchmark for an engagement ring which was photographed almost as much as the wearer was Elizabeth Taylor. When movie producer Michael Todd proposed, he presented her with a ring set with a 30 carat diamond.  Taylor went on to own an incredible number of pieces of jewelry in her lifetime, including the 33 carat Krupp diamond set into a ring by Richard Burton and the 68-carat diamond they bought together which was named the Taylor-Burton diamond.

Crooner Frank Sinatra showed his impeccable tastes in jewelry when he became engaged to actress Mia Farrow in 1966. The subtle, yet unusual choice of a single pear shaped diamond shifted trends away from the round brilliant cut for a time and many young brides were seen walking down the aisle wearing a similarly styled ring.

Natalie Wood was enjoying a romantic meal with Robert Wagner at Romanoff’s restaurant on Rodeo Drive when he proposed in 1957. To really make the occasion extra special, the freshwater pearl and diamond ring was passed to her in a glass of champagne.

Actress Grace Kelly became part of the royalty elite when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Her ascension from commoner to the upper classes was originally sealed with a band of diamonds and rubies but not long after they wed he changed it for her and she then wore a 10.5 carat diamond ring by Cartier.

Royalty trends

When it was announced that the Prince of Wales was to be engaged to Lady Diana Spencer, there was huge speculation regarding the style of engagement ring she would choose. There was no disappointment as the couple made their first appearance together for the press and she was wearing a design of 14 solitaire diamonds which surrounded a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire. It was created by esteemed jeweller Gerrard and similar designs quickly appeared in stores around the world.

When Diana’s son Prince William became engaged to Kate Middleton, the press again speculated on the ring she would wear. It was seen then as a great tribute to his mother when he gave the future Duchess of Cambridge the engagement ring she had worn and it re-awakened the fashion for the design of 30 years previous.

How celebrities create engagement ring desirability

George Clooney broke the hearts of millions around the world when he proposed to and then wed lawyer Amal Alamuddin. He certainly wanted to the world to know his feelings for his then fiancé as he gave her a stunning seven carat diamond engagement ring worth a reported $750,000. Houston jewelry experts knew at first glance this was an amazing gemstone and indeed the emerald cut diamond quickly became a much talked about item by fashion and lifestyle gurus across all continents.

Some stars look to the past when selecting their engagement ring and this was certainly the case for Scarlett Johansson. She wears a vintage Art Deco piece which has three round cut brilliant diamonds complemented by a number of rows of pave stones which are then on a fantastic tiered setting.

Whether it’s pave or pear-shaped, the stars set the way for fashions in engagement rings. If you’re currently choosing your ring, check out the designs the celebrities are currently wearing if you’re looking for ideas; you’ll know you’re making a stylish and classy decision and you’ll have a beautiful symbol of love for the rest of your life.

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