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Cool Metal Garden Furniture For Autumn 2017

6th Sep 2017

How metal garden furniture offers a durable, low maintenance and attractive option and is available in various designs to complement most gardens and outdoor areas.

pexels-photo-139109Durable chairs and tables to make the most of an Indian summer

It’s always possible that the end of summer may not necessarily herald the end of days and evenings spent outdoors relaxing on the patio or in the garden. It’s not uncommon for the UK to enjoy a warmer spell well after the traditional summer period is over – indeed the weather in September is statistically often more settled than in August.

If balmy days and evenings beckon, then it may be tempting to upgrade the garden furniture.

Metal: a material for all seasons

Metal garden furniture is a firm favourite when choosing furniture. Most obviously it’s down to durability; while you may decide to store your metal garden furniture when winter fully sets in, in the meantime it’s good to know it can stand up to chillier spells and wet weather without your having to rush to get it under cover.

Steel, cast aluminium and wrought iron are the main types of metal used for this type of garden furniture.

Aluminium – strong, durable and lightweight so a good choice if frequent moving around might be a consideration.

Wrought iron – used a lot in the classic ‘intricate’ garden furniture designs, it’s heavy so can be both an advantage and disadvantage:

Pros: it’s weighty so won’t get blown about so good in exposed garden or outdoor areas.

Cons: it’s less convenient to repeatedly move around and you should take where you position it; if it’s on habitually wet grass then it could sink in and damage the surface.

Steel – halfway between wrought iron and aluminium in terms of weight.

All metal furniture can be either hot or cold to the touch depending on the weather, but this can be overcome with judicious use of cushions and table mats.

Assess your needs

There are various types of metal garden furniture available in looks, size and configurations. If it’s usually just a few people taking in the sun here and there, then three or four chairs and maybe a small table would suffice. For positioning in direct sunshine, a table with a hole to take a parasol would be a sound idea.

Alternatively, if you plan on spending more time outdoors including perhaps dining with higher numbers of people then a full size table would be worth considering.

It’s likely that there will be a metal furniture combination suitable to your surroundings. You may prefer an intricately designed neo-Victorian look, or maybe simpler and cleaner lines of more modern looking furniture for use in a new build, modern property’s garden or outdoor area.

Low maintenance

Metal doesn’t require much maintenance. While it can withstand some bad weather punishment, once late autumn and winter sets in it’s probably time to put your metal furniture under cover. If storage space is at a premium, covering the furniture securely with something durable like a tarpaulin is the next best thing.

Cleaning is usually just a simple job using warm water with a mild detergent and making sure it’s rinsed down and dried afterwards.  If you’ve ‘let your furniture go’ a bit and neglected routine cleaning and proper storage, then it’s usually possible to revive it.

Blending materials

You may decide to blend materials so having, say, metal chairs in conjunction with a wood table or the other way round. For example, a solid teak table with some metal chairs looks good and provides a durable option.

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