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Choosing a metal for your engagement ring

19th Jan 2016

Engagement ringsChoosing the best metal for your engagement ring is just as important as whether you have a solitaire diamond or a trio of glittering rubies. Here’s a guide to help you choose whether you will have gold – in any of the colors now available – or platinum as the band of the ring which changes your life in the most exciting way.


Gold is versatile as it can match or complement any other piece of jewelry and looks great whatever your personal taste in fashion. Gold is measured in karats which is then divided into 24 parts. Pure gold is 24 karats although this is too soft for using in an engagement ring so it is mixed with a number of metal alloys to give it durability. For rings, 18k is often a popular choice and this is 75% gold. The other metals used are often a mix of silver, nickel, zinc and copper.

Gold is available in a number of colors; yellow, white and rose being the ones most commonly available. Engagement rings in Houston from Whiteflash can be purchased in all these metals and it’s about which you prefer. Yellow gold is the classic buttery shade which is always very popular. It has a warm look and 18k is a very intense hue of yellow.

White gold is yellow gold which is coated in hard-wearing rhodium and is a contemporary choice. The coating resists tarnishing and is an excellent option for anyone who usually wears silver jewelry but wants something a little more luxurious and hard-wearing for their engagement ring.

Rose gold is becoming particularly popular this year as more designs for engagement rings with a vintage look are revealed. This metal looks warm and has a pink shimmer which is created by combining yellow gold and a copper alloy.


Platinum is a beautiful white metal with a stunning luster. It’s naturally occurring and is often the perfect way to show off diamonds to their best because of the way the gemstone interacts in the light with the metal. For those who want an extra luxurious look and feel, platinum is the way to go as it costs more than gold and really has the look of top class style. It’s considered to be the most precious of all metals used in jewelry.

A durable option, platinum is great for those who use their hands a great deal at work and for those who are athletic it’s often to first choice as the strength of the metal means it will really hold stones in place. Naturally hypoallergenic, it means those who suffer from skin reactions to other metals or alloys will find they are very happy with a platinum ring. The exquisite sheen of platinum doesn’t dull over the years and it doesn’t wear so there’s never a need to have a platinum engagement ring re-plated because it’s the same color all the way through. For those brides to be who really love diamonds, it’s usually the first choice because of the aesthetic beauty of the combination of brilliance and sparkle.

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