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Childhood sweets you’ll remember; whichever decade you grew up in!

4th Dec 2015

Whether your holidays were filled with riding your Chopper, whizzing along the street on a skateboard (the first time around!), trying to solve your Rubik’s Cube – without cheating and moving the stickers – or playing hopscotch in the street, you’ll have a number of retro sweets which you always had a pocket full of to share with friends or to keep for yourself.

Being grown up though doesn’t mean you need to give up this fantastic part of childhood as you can now buy many of the treats online you originally carefully chose from the shop with your pocket money.

Here then is a trip down memory lane to remember the great sweets eaten as you played indoors or out; whether you’re a child of the 60s, 70s or 80s.

The Beatles, The Stones and skipping in the street

If you remember the 60s as a child, your memories will include the wonder of TV, the magic of early James Bond and being the first in your class to play Twister. Money was shillings and pence and the trip to the corner shop to buy sweets would have yielded more boiled sweets for a penny than for any generations to come.

At a time when children first had the opportunity to make their own decisions as to how to spend their money, it would be a magical visit to the sweet shop to see the new products arriving on the shelves. Full of colour, shape and sparkle, this was a decade to first see Flying Saucers, Parma Violets, Dolly Mixtures and Fruit Gums.

Platform shoes, Clackers and Slinkies on the stairs

The 1970s brought Glam Rock to the radio, colour TV to the homes of the lucky few and a space age generation growing up in the wake of the first man on the moon at the end of the previous decade.

Sweets followed suit with the expanding range on the shelves and early Victorian jars of Aniseed Balls and Everton Mints were being moved to accommodate new product lines including cheek-sucking Fizzy Cola Bottles, colourful Tooty Frooties, the fizzy Sherbet Fountain and the memorable sweet to make every child feel they were an astronaut; the futuristic packets of awesome orange flavoured, pop in the mouth Space Dust.

The ZX81, New Romantics and My Little Pony

Technology, big hair and an ever-changing array of must have Christmas toys dominated the childhood of those who were young in the 1980s. Watching Adam Ant on Top of the Pops whilst styling a Girl’s World and then settling down for a tense game of Pac Man on the Atari was the usual fayre for a child of any age.

Sweet choices included lots of chocolate bars such as the delicious Double Decker,  the chewy Texan bar and Aero-rival Wispa and long-time chart toppers such as Spangles had to share the shelf with newcomers Haribo with instant best sellers such as Milk Bottles. Recording the Top 40 onto  a tape on a Sunday night was always the best way to end the week but even better if the careful use of ‘Record’ and ‘Pause’ was accompanied by a couple of Wham Bars.

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