What are the signs of meningitis?

1st Dec 2017

Meningitis is a complex illness, and it is unfortunately one that can easily be confused with other, less serious illnesses such as the flu. Due to this. it is extremely important to know the symptoms of meningitis and how the […]

Eating Healthy for Pleasure

3rd May 2017

Of course, humans are programmed to seek out pleasure and steer clear of pain. This is the most primitive trait of the nervous system. When it comes to food, you are seeking pleasure and avoiding hunger pains. So, is eating […]

Why would a flash drive fail?

1st Mar 2017

We’ve all been in that situation. You have an important file on a flash drive, you slot it into your computer and wait patiently for it to load up. You’re sat there and nothing is happening. There’s no folder popping […]

The Emoji movie- review

28th Feb 2017

How exciting can a movie about Emoji’s be? You will have to wait until the 4th of August to actually find out. However the storyline of the movie promises some interesting moments. The movie is based on an Emoji that […]

Parenting with Migraines: Top Tips

23rd Jan 2017

Parents who suffer from migraines may feel helpless when they are trying to care for their children but are experiencing a debilitating migraine attack. Sometimes, having children can make migraine triggers more frequent, due to a number of factors. While […]