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5 Ways You Can Plan The Perfect Wedding Proposal On Valentines

12th Jan 2018

If you are wanting to do something special for your loved one and pop the big question, there’s no better time to do it then Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year everyone is loved-up, besotted and celebrating their relationships. We know there shouldn’t be a reason to want to celebrate your connection together but there is no harm in playing along, right?!

So that’s it, you’ve decided you want to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend this valentine’s and there’s no stopping you. That’s why we have prepared some tips to send you on your way and give you some top advice on planning a proposal that sweeps your partner off their feet!

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For now though, it’s time to forget the red roses or indulgent box of chocolates and get ready for something much bigger…


How To Plan Your Valentine’s Proposal

  • Think of something special that relates to the day you met

Going back to where it all began can be magical and remind you of all the reasons you fell in love with that person. It’s a special way to celebrate valentines and lays the perfect foundation for a proposal.

All you need to do is think back to whereabouts you met, the circumstances that surrounded the meeting or some special event near the early days of your relationship. This will show you have really thought things through and have put effort into the proposal.

  • Think about something your partner is in love with

This might be a place, a certain era in history, their favourite restaurant – anything you can think of that means a lot to that person. This is a beautiful idea and has sentimental value beyond any idea the internet, books or relationship gurus can give you!


  • Think Valentines, think hearts…

There’s nothing like indulgent chocolate hearts set out in a trail leading to the front door. This is where you can be waiting with a ring on one knee. Simple but sweet.

  • Do a countdown to valentines

Plan an extra special 14-day countdown for the big event. Every day do something small to give them a special gift or surprise. It can start really basic like a pair of pajamas or framed photo of you both.

By Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to have the proposal all ready and set. This can be done by planning a special dinner at home or in a restaurant where you will ask for their hand in marriage.

  • Cover your place with roses

You will need to buy a lot of roses, but the look on their face will be priceless. Sprinkle the red roses on the floor, bed, in the bathroom, all over the kitchen whilst your loved one is asleep. When they wake up they will think they are still dreaming and you will be waiting there on one knee. Surprise!

pexels-photo-627979These are just a few special ways you can create a special proposal on Valentine’s Day. Whether you use an idea or it inspires something else, we’re sure your sweetheart will be pleasantly surprised no matter how it’s done.

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