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5 Ways To Argument-Free Prom Dress Shopping With Your Daughter

24th Nov 2017

The day is just around the corner – the dreaded day of prom dress shopping with your daughter. You may think you’re ready, but are you prepared for just how competitive, exhausting, and utterly thrilling the day may be? We’ve put together a few tips to prepare you for an argument-free day of shopping for a prom dress with your daughter.

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  • Always Be Prepared

If you’re heading to brick and mortar stores, you’re probably going to end up at more than one or two dress shops, and even more than one or two malls. Bring different underwear, as different dresses require different bra set-ups. And, bring several shoe options so you can see how different heel heights and styles go with different dresses. With such a selection of 2018 prom dresses out there, your daughter’s sure to want to try on plenty of options.

  • Agree on a Budget

Prom dresses can cost a bit, especially the designer labels. It is better to settle on a budget together before you begin looking at dresses. Urge your daughter to keep the budget in mind as she peruses the racks. There may be a good amount of back and forth on the amount, but stick to your guns and teach your daughter the value of sticking to a budget.

  • Stick to Your Stance on Styles

Clothing styles tend to change over the years, and these days, the line between what you may wear as an adult and what your teenage daughter wants to wear, could well be blurry. Even with formal wear, there tends to be a number of provocative styles on the rails. So, make sure you and your daughter agree on what is and is not acceptable before you begin shopping, even if you will be shopping at an online dress retailer. Pick a few opinions that you agree on and keep them in mind when looking for a prom dress.

  • It’s Not Just Your Daughter You’re Shopping with, It’s Her Friends, Too

As you know, and your daughter has probably mentioned several times, the prom dress is a huge deal. And, it’s probably been the topic of conversation amongst your daughter and her friends for months. The girls probably already know the low-down on the top designers for prom 2018, and which stores – be they physical or online – to check out. Your daughter and her friends may have even discussed who will be buying which designer dress, the cost, and the styles. So, remember, it’s not just her you’re shopping with, but her friend’s tastes and opinions, too.

  • Remember to Appreciate the Moment

After several hours of arguments over costs and styles and trekking around to find “the one,” remember that shopping for prom with your daughter is a special moment to treasure. The image of her in the mirror when she finally finds the one, is an image that is sure to stay with you for many years to come.

After what may seem like a never-ending journey, your daughter is going to be beaming when she finds her perfect dress, and so will you. Set the limits and discuss the topics we’ve covered here, and you’re bound to enjoy a stress-free, hopefully argument-free prom dress shopping experience together.

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