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5 unusual ideas for bedroom storage

11th Nov 2015

As most parents will know, busy family life can leave your home feeling cluttered and disorganised, especially when it comes to bedrooms. If you’re struggling to keep your sleeping spaces in order, now’s the time to think outside the box and turn your attention to some less obvious storage solutions. If you want to transform your hectic bedroom into the serene sanctuary it should be, here are five unusual storage ideas.

  1. Smart shelving solutions

If you’ve got a small or awkwardly sized bedroom, finding a suitable place to keep all of your essentials can be a nightmare. However, using shelves in a creative way can enable you to take advantage of some of those underused areas of the room. Think beyond bookcases and consider adding shelving systems to corners, behind the headboard or high up on the wall. As specialist suppliers Shelfstore point out, tailor made shelving solutions can go a long way in terms of maximising your space, no matter how confined or difficult the size or shape of the room.

  1. Underbed drawers

If you don’t want your storage to be on display, another clever and effortless way to bring order to your room is to use the area below your bed. A raised bed with sliding drawers, boxes or baskets underneath is a great way of making use of redundant space for storing duvets, last season’s clothes and other bits and pieces. Turning your sleeping zone into smart storage will keep your clutter cleverly concealed while ensuring your possessions are close at hand if you ever need them.

  1. Ottoman

chair-902360_640Another creative space-saving solution can be found within an ottoman. As well as being a stylish piece of bedroom furniture in its own right, an ottoman with a hidden compartment offers a practical spot for housing all those not-so-pretty knickknacks you don’t want lying around the place. These secret storage solutions can also be great for kids’ bedrooms, offering the perfect place to tidy away toys and games which, let’s face it, would normally be strewn across the floor.

  1. Clothing hooks

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Rather than hiding away your favourite items of clothing in a closet, try hanging them on rails and rolling racks and make a stylish display out of them. If you don’t like the exposed look, simply hang a curtain to conceal them. As well as freeing up wardrobe and drawer space and making the room feel more open, this could make dressing in the mornings much quicker.

  1. Wall accessories

Forget framed pictures and artwork, why not assign an entire wall to storage? Hang hooks on bare walls or on the back of doors to display your favourite accessories, such as hats, scarves, jewellery and handbags. Thinking vertically when it comes to storage can free up a surprising amount of space. You can also try wall-mounted wire baskets, pockets or crates for an interesting decor statement.

With a little bit of creative thinking and some clever organisation hacks, you should wind up with the relaxing, clutter-free bedroom you deserve.

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