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5 Fantastic Baby Shower Ideas

26th Aug 2018

A Baby shower is a party celebration for when you are expecting a little angel. It it an event when you and your baby are celebrated and  showered with gifts from your circle of friends and close relatives. Just like any other party it needs to be fun, exciting and memorable. A cute theme and games are a must.

A lot of planning will need to happen based on the size and theme of the party. Baby showers can be done many different ways from a simple barbecue party, a casual backyard party or a gender reveal surprise. In any case, here are some fantastic baby shower ideas to make your party a success.


In order to have an organized party you need to start with a theme. Planning with a theme will make it easier to strategize the party activities, and help give your party a personality. For baby boys, a great choice could be a nautical themed party. You can use anchors, sailors, or pirates for decorations. Decorate the room with adorable sailor design and vibrant blue colors.

For little girls, a pink party is an obvious easy choice. Pink is popular to celebrate little girls. Flowers are a great choice for this party.

If you aren’t sharing the gender yet, yellows and greens are your best bet. Noah’s ark and cute little animals are a great way to decorate for gender neutral parties.


A party is not a party without delicious food. But with a baby shower, food doesn’t have to be fancy, but it definitely should be cute. From sweets to drinks, even mimosas, you can serve them in fun ways.  A piece of slider is cute already so the only thing to do is pinning it with an illustrated toothpick according to your theme. If you don’t have much time to prepare, marshmallows on stick is always popular. Just make sure you dipped them in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles to make them fun.


Your table setting should incorporate fun elements, and creating a fabulous centerpiece will hit the spot. A great way to achieve this is by making a diaper cake. It can be fun to see people poke their fork in it. You do not need to be an expert to make a craft. A lot of DIY videos are available in the internet to make basic designs. If you want to create a unique diaper cake that perfectly fits your party, you need help from professionals. A number of establishments can provide service within your budget. Not only can it help save time but you can be assured that the quality will match the level of joy that you deserve to celebrate your baby.

Memorable Book

Provide a guest book and make it fun and cute. Leave a scrapbook for guests to sign  in your door and give them water color or washable paint. All they need to do is clench their fist and make an adorable print in the book resembling a baby’s footprint! It is nice to have a keepsake of this very special day and remember those you celebrated it with.

Gender Reveal

Having a gender reveal in your baby shower party is perfect. It is way better than just plainly saying “It’s a girl/boy!” It is exciting to share with everyone the gender of their soon-to-be-born child. You can set the tone of excitement by hanging a door sign that prompts the question of gender like “He or She?”. One unique way to start a gender reveal is by making your guest vote through a ballot box if it is a boy or a girl. I have personally seen the popping of a balloon to reveal the gender with blue or pink confetti. It is wild, loud, exciting and fun. Try to make the gender reveal as interactive as possible.

Hosting a baby shower is really exhilarating and joyful, and will only increase the overwhelming love you already feel for the angel that will soon become your whole world.

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