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4 Things to Take Note of Before You Move to a New Home

31st Aug 2018

Moving is never fun for any family, but it doesn’t mean that it has to go wrong just because it’s difficult. A lot of the reasons why moving becomes a hassle for homeowners is because they’re unprepared to deal with the unexpected. Whether it be because they have too much on their mind or they’re moving in a rush, all the little mistakes add up and contribute to a moving disaster. To help you in your move, here are four essential steps to consider when bracing yourself for relocating to a new home.


  • Strategising for the days leading up to the move

As with anything, moving to a new home can be broken down into smaller tasks. The best action to take would be to get some help from friends and relatives to make the workload more manageable. Create a timeline calendar so that you can keep track of what you need to do before the move, during the move, and settling in to your new home.

  • Dealing with scheduled tasks

Tasks before the move include settling your bills, dealing with the mortgage, and making sure that you have a packing day, or days, reserved where you’ll leave time just for packing your belongings. It would be wise to wrap your things over multiple days, but it could lead to you forgetting a few items here and there compared to doing it in one go.

Properly cataloguing your items is a smart way of making sure that you can separate the things that you want to keep and the things that you want to leave behind. Having a list of items that’ll stay and things that you’ll leave behind is a great way to backtrack on missing or lost items during the relocation period.

Moving to a new place is an opportunity to get rid of things that are just lying around in your house. Take advantage of this so that you won’t have to bring unnecessary stuff during moving day as this can also help free up space for things that you need.

  • Moving day itself

To prepare for your moving day, you need to contact a moving service as soon as you can so that you can compare service providers. There are a lot of services and perks depending on which shipping company you want to choose. Services like Movecorp Shipping Company offers extended storage services if you’ll need multiple days for the move and packing services to help deal with more difficult pieces of furniture.

  • Settling down and onwards

It could take a weekend or two before you settle down properly in your new home. Before you settle down in your new home, you need to make sure that you have essential services like water and electricity Having an Internet connection also doesn’t hurt so that you won’t have to be off the grid even when you’re in the process of unpacking.

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