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Weight Loss Tips For Busy Mums 

25th May 2020

We all know how hard it is to keep up a sustained weight loss schedule for a busy mum. It can be almost impossible to get time to sit down, never mind exercise, and when it comes to eating healthy, it’s often the case that we have to just eat what the rest of the family is eating.

But if you put some effort into it, and choose  a couple of simple changes that are quite easy to make, you should find that you can quite easily alter your lifestyle so that you can bring weight loss to your life in an effective way.

Focus on getting all that you can out of a single minute.

This may sound a little hard to get right, but if you work to ensure that you try and fill any spare minutes with a little exercise you should find that you gain massive results quickly.

It takes just a minute to run up the stairs and back down again a few times, for example, or nip out to the garden and water the plants (with a watering can, hoses don’t count) and the more you do this as part of your routine, the more the minute workout will become a habit that will form part of your lifestyle.

Taking a minute seriously is perhaps the best way to describe it. Every time you fill a minute with moderate exercise (or even light exercise) you are looking at a situation where you are building up a workout routine that doesn’t even feel like a workout.

Take a few minutes a day to plan out your day as regards weight loss.

This is absolutely essential, because a mum is a busy person, and if she allows today to take over, she will face an unending stream of tasks and responsibilities to take care of.

Spend some time in the morning (no more than a few minutes) to look at the day ahead and work out how you are going to avoid overeating, or how you are going to choose the food you eat at certain times in the day. It makes absolute sense to do this and allows for you to develop a focused, positive approach to the food throughout the day. A little preparation is important in this regard and it means that you have a clear view of the day ahead, and some self discipline as the big challenges come up.

Finally, if you have time, prepare some smoothies.

This is vitally important because smoothies are a great way to encourage weight loss. They allow you to eat healthy in a tasty and nutritious way without having to put too much work into it, and if you do it right it means that you can get the right ingredients into your diet quickly and before the day even starts.

Try the ideas above and you’ll find that you’ll be losing weight consistently and effectively, with the minimum of effort. Even busy moms can lose weight with hardly any effort.

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