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Making Lunchboxes Special 

17th Jan 2021

If you’re a mum, you’ll be familiar with the lunchbox. Putting lunchboxes together for the kids can mean an incredibly challenging situation, as you try and keep the lunch boxes fun and healthy at the the same time. Your kids need to eat well, but it takes time to create a lunchbox meal that ticks all the boxes as regards nutrition and fun too. This article will look at some easy and clever lunchbox ideas that should make life easier for you, and your children.

You could have a theme for the lunch boxes. Many mums find this to be one of the best ways to keep kids interested in their lunch, and if you really go to town with this the effect can be incredibly satisfying for you and fun for kids. One example would be to get some chocolate gold coins and place them in the lunch box. Children feel like they have discovered treasure (you scatter them about) and you feel like you’re bringing  a little bit of fun into their daily lives.

Because many children in the class will have the same lunchbox you may well find yourself having to label your child’s lunchbox. But you can do this creatively, and we recommend using stickers and pens to really make a fun lunchbox that children will enjoy opening up. It just means that they feel a little special because they have a cooler lunchbox even though it was the same as the other kid’s, and it also means that you’re a cool mum for taking the time to do it.

If you had  a great meal the night before it is always a good idea to put some of the leftovers into the lunchbox the next day. The children obviously enjoyed the meal the night before, and they would probably love the chance to snack on some leftovers during the school day. It means a lot of fun and also great tastes for the kids, because they know it’s something they really liked.

Obviously this is not applicable to all evening meals but it is definitely something you can try with many meals, and it is always fun for them to open it up the next day and see what you’ve put in there. If you don’t want to call it ‘leftovers’ call it ‘bonus’.

Finally, try and put  a lot of variety into the lunchboxes. Fussy eaters may well prove to be a problem, but it’s common knowledge that fussy eaters will often consider trying new stuff if mum isn’t around. So put plenty of variety into the lunchbox and you should find that children tend to lap it up a lot easier.

Lunchboxes should not be stressful, and nine times out of ten the stress is on the part of the mother. Relax, and try to enjoy creating them. Add variety, keep it simple at all times, and try and make each lunchbox the closest thing to an adventure that you can. You’ll be bowled over by the reaction that you get when you produce a truly inspirational lunch box for your children.

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  1. Natural SKincare on said:

    thanks Lindsay! Sounds so good and sooo easy! No company this year, but still want to make great food! Make so many of your recipes I have lost count! Happy Thanksgiving! Helen-Elizabeth Haily Keily

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