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Giving your kids their five a day 

7th Aug 2015

Recently, the government made it very clear that having five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day was essential for our health, And when it came to our children’s health, it was essentially non-negotiable. this is because having this part of our diet regulated and automatic would mean that we were guaranteed to have a healthier lifestyle (as long as other factors, such as exercise, were in place).

So we all took on the advice and tried to meet the requirements. However, it has not always been that easy to follow the advice, and this has never been more obvious than with children, who can be fickle eaters and hard to accommodate with fruit and veg. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to follow the advice.

If you are going to make a pizza, make it a homemade one. They often taste fresher anyway, and if you pile on plenty of vegetables you are onto a winner, because this means that you have sorted out one of the five a day portions that are so important. Try some fresh vegetables on top of the home made pizza and you should see the children’s faces light up (most kids love pizza) and you know that at the same time you are giving them their five a day.

If your children are fussy about fruit and veg, try a new one again and again. It often takes a few hours before children start to switch onto something new, and this is especially true of fruit and veg. So give it a few tries before you give up. It is essential that children try as much food as possible so now is the right time to get into a habit in this regard.

Try sultanas. These tasty little snacks are almost like sweets to some children, and they often come in colourful packaging that helps. Children lap them up and they are an excellent fruit alternative to sugary snacks and sweets. They taste great, and children genuinely love them.

Try some vegetables like carrots cut up into cubes. These can be kept in a box in the fridge and they are handy for any child who wants to snack on them. Children genuinely love carrot cubes and sticks and they are so easy to prepare. Crunchy and full of goodness, they’ll soon  become  a firm favorite.

Whenever you actually buy stuff in shops as part of your weekly food shop, always try and choose items that have the five a day logo on them. These are guaranteed to have the requirements of five a day, and they are an easy way of ensuring that your child has the food they need to get that goodness inside them.

There are some tips to make it  a little easier for you to fulfill the requirements for five a day with your kids. Take them on board and you should soon have a clear approach to making them eat healthier.

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