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Exercise Tips For Mums 

15th Feb 2021

It’s important to remember that mums are some of the busiest people on the planet. It is not always easy to ensure that exercise is put into their daily routines, and it is for this reason that so many mums gain weight after having  a baby, as well as during the time they are bringing up toddlers.

There is so much to do and get on with that it is easy to imagine that exercise is a thing of the past. But it really doesn’t have to be, and you can easily implement an exercise routine into your life as long as you look at the following ideas carefully.

First of all, it is important to stress that mums should not jog soon after having a baby. In this case it is preferable to walk for exercise. Running will do nothing other than potentially damage your body, and it is still recovering from a physically traumatic event. So ignore any advice that says you should run after giving birth, it’s rubbish.

Look after your body and make sure you only run when it tells you it is safe to do so. You’ll know when your body is ready to go for a run,and if you are completely unsure, ask your doctor for advice on the matter.

To make sure that you build an exercise routine into your day, you could look at more rigid, organised activities that require membership and also have  a ready made community there. For example, many women find that dancing is a great class to join, because it means that you get fit, improve your dancing and also get to meet lots of new people.

There are also other options in this regards, such as  swimming for example, or a light martial arts class (or a heavy one if you’re up for it). Basically, there are lots of ways in which you can have an organised level of exercise tips that makes it a lot easier to turn up and enjoy.

As a point that follows on from that idea, it is always a good idea to mix up your exercise because it often means you are exercising different parts of your body. If you focus on one and hit it heavily, then you could end up in a situation where you damage your body.

Mix it up as much as possible because it means that you don’t put too much pressure on certain muscles, for example, and you generally have  a more positive experience overall.

Finally, if you are overweight then don’t run. It does you no good and it may well mean that you are harming your body. Stick to walking and  a mix of other exercises and you should see the weight drop off. The overweight body is not made for running, so dont push it to do it.

Exercising is important, but we reckon the very best piece of advice here is to ensure that you try and fit in some organised exercise tips. This will make you go, rather than stay at home and avoid.

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