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Easy To Make Lunchbox Snacks For Your Kids:

26th May 2019

Some of us find it hard to decide what to give to our kids in their lunchbox. The problem with kids is that they hardly ever finish their lunchboxes. Therefore, the easiest way of ensuring that your kids will eat their lunches is by making something unique and delicious. Don’t worry we have gathered the recipes of some really tasty and healthy snacks that your kids will love.

Food on sticks:

Serving anything on skewers makes it more fun to eat. There are many everyday snacks that you can easily modify by adding them on skewers or blunt-edged bamboo sticks. Foods like chicken satays, kebabs, sausages, or beef skewers can be easily packed in lunch boxes. Serve them with some fried or boiled rice, sauté veggies or yogurt covered pretzels.


Every kid love quesadilla due to their unique flavor, therefore, making one as a lunchbox snack is perfect.

Cheesy Quesadillas


2-3 cups of fillings it can be anything from leftover food to smoked sausages

Vegetable oil 2 teaspoons

4 tortilla 9-10 inches in size

2 cups of shredded cheese


Firstly, prepare your filling in whichever way your kids like.

Secondly, spread some vegetable oil on a nonstick pan and heat the pan. Now cook the tortillas and leave them in the pan for some time to make them crispy.

Thirdly, now spread or sprinkle half of the cheese over the tortilla.

Fourthly, add the filling on the tortilla. Place filling in such a way that they’ve spread over half the tortilla as this will make the folding of quesadillas easy.

Fifthly, when the cheese has started to melt, lift a corner of the tortilla to check whether its underside is golden brown or not. When the underside is golden brown, and the cheese has melted, your quesadilla is ready.

Sixthly, transfer the quesadilla to a cutting board and cut the quesadillas into wedges.

Pack them with some avocado slices, pineapple cubes or guacamole for your kids’ lunch.

Meat & Deli rolls:

Another great easy to make lunchbox hack for moms is the deli and meat rolls. You can easily make these delicious and healthy meaty rolls for your kids in just no time. All you must do is to wrap some sliced turkey deli or ham deli or even roasted beef around some vegetables, cheese sticks, or cheese wedges. These meat rolls are not only full of nutrition but are tasty as well. Pack them up with some celery sticks, pretzels or apple cinnamon chips.  


These are simple to make and fun to eat.


All you need is

Green Capsicum

Cheddar cheese slices

Corn or flour mini tortillas


  1. Place the capsicum on its side and cut slices to get three lobbed shamrock shaped slices. However, if your capsicum has four lobes, then you got lucky as it will make the shape of a lucky clover.
  2. To get adequately shaped capsicum slices, use the bottom part and from the upper part, cut-out stems.
  3. For assembling place, a mini tortilla on a baking tray and put a slice of cheddar cheese on it. Now make the capsicum shamrock with the sliced capsicum.
  4. Broil these tostadas in a pre-heated oven until cheese melts.

We hope that these easy to make kid snacks recipes will help you in making your kids’ lunchboxes. However, if like every other parent you’re concerned about the safety of your kids’ we suggest that you must install Mspy UK.  

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